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My attorney has told me 3 times she wld ask for attorney's fees from ex but hasn't and since unpd is not giving effort.

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I have no assets and no funds to pay an attorney. When I initially contacted this attorney I jointly owned 2 properties with the ex. She told me she would ask for attorneys fees but never did and said his attorney said he had no money and never put the lien on either property she also said she would. He received both houses and we are back in court and she called me and offered to represent me and said again she would ask for attorneys fees but was again told that he couldn't afford it and despite that he lives in a million dollar house won't ask for attorney's fees and is saying now she can't devote much time to this since she hasn't seen a dime. Is there anything I can do?

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Write to your attorney and ask her to forward to you a copy of the motion for attorneys fees. Make sure that you reference your discussions where she promised you that she would be filing this. Explain the circumstances that you have cited and how important this is to you.


You need to get a detailed explanation of why this attorney won't push for attorney's fees. Something is odd here, when an attorney won't do the one thing that is likely to get him or her money. A letter to the attorney (it makes more of an impression than an E-mail) asking for a full explanation of why there has been no motion for attorney's fees makes sense to me.

Best of luck to you.


Sounds like you are having difficulty communicating with your attorney. First, asking for attorney fees from your husband starts in the initial pleadings (either the Petition or Answer). In trying to settle the case, the attorney for your husband refused to have his client pay. I am not sure what liquid assets you may have had. Just because you have a nice house does not equate to being able to find money for attorney fees. Unfortunately, when you are negotiating a settlement, things don't always go your way. If you don't like the deal being offered, you have the option of going to trial. Your problem is that your attorney may not want to continue to work for free without much hope of getting paid. The problem for many women is that they don't have the income the husband has. Legal Aid is simply too overwhelmed to help if there is not domestic abuse. I am sorry that you were unable to reach a result you wanted; however, there is really not a lot you can do. One thing you might try is contacting the Local Bar Association. Some Bar Associations have individuals who do some work for no fee or a discounted fee as a service to the community.

You must remember that if you went to work and your employer did not pay you, you would not be happy or work very hard either. Attorneys have overhead and employees to pay. There is only so much work that you can afford to do for free. I would be thankful that the attorney did not withdraw and leave you to try to represent yourself.

Good luck!