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My attorney has said i fall into the category of 70 to 87 months, on federal drug charge. i have never had a drug charge before.

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i have had dui about 2 years ago so y is the sentencing so high? i been out for 5 months and been clean, going to school and doing all they ask ,but in return it all will be taken away to go to overcrowded prison for a mistake

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Ask him or her to go over the guideline calculation using the USSG worksheets that detail every step of the estimate calculation.


Unfortunately the time can get scary and out of hand pretty quickly in federal court depending on the amount of drugs involved. Make sure you ask him or her to walk you through the sentencing guidelines and what concessions he or she has obtained for you through plea negotiations.

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As stated, have your attorney walk you through the guideline calculation he made to arrive at that number. Unfortunately, the federal guidelines are not kind for drug offenses.

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Guideline calculations are not mandatory but rather advisory to the sentencing judge. This means that the range of sentencing as indicted by the USSG is one factor. Many other factors should be prepared and presented by your attorney.

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The type and amount of drugs involved could be what scored you so high. You might also be subject to a mandatory minimum (also based on drug type and quantity), which is unrelated to your Guideline score. Your defense attorney would be in the best position to help you understand. Kind regards.

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