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My apartment manager is taking pictures of me and my friends, and keeps coming up to me asking me for coke and weed!

West Bend, WI |

My apartment manager is taking pictures of me and my friends, and keeps coming up to me asking me for coke and weed, this cant be legal, also I've heard that she is an informant.

She also has been trying to get pictures of my mother, and sometimes when we come back one of the managers will be in the front, (wife) and the other in back, (husband) like there looking out for something and as soon as they see us one shoots in the hallway and says something, and by the time were out of the car there off course no where to be found!

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Not sure what the question is, but your best solution, if the harassment is that bad, would be to file for a harassment restraining order, or move out. I would certainly think that taking the pictures, combined with repeated requests for drugs, would constitute a pattern of behavior with no legitimate purpose, therefore entitling you to a restraining order.

Also, soliciting drugs from you is likely enough that you could call law enforcement to report it.

Finally, the harassment may be enough for you to move out since it constitutes a "constructive eviction" meaning that you should not be expected to continue to live there.

However, before you do any of these things, consult with a local attorney regarding the evidence you have (including witnesses) and what he/she would advise.

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Question was pretty much what do I do, but you answered that that well! If she was an Informant wouldn't that be pointless to call the police being in that thats probably who shes reporting too?


I agree. Stay away from this person at all costs!


I agree with the other comments on this issue. Move out as soon as possible. This sounds like trouble. Good luck.

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