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My alleged babys father recently obtained temp custody but the orders in the document he has not followed what can i do

Abilene, TX |

visits are supervised and he or his parents are suppose to come get me and bring me back. I am to have a drug test 36hrs before visit. I have everything I am required to have but now he is refusing to follow court orders and I have not seen or talked to my daughter since the first visit that was granted and I have not had one since

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If you have temp orders in place, and he is not following the orders, then you should file a Motion to Enforce.

Failure to comply with the Order of the Court is punishable with 6 months in jail and up to $500 fine for each offense. With your Motion, you should request a hearing.

You must give him 10 days notice of the hearing if you want him held in contempt, or 3 days if you are just seeking to enforce the terms of the Order. At the hearing, present your evidence showing that he has violated it, and ask the Court to rule in your favor. It is also helpful if you bring a proposed order to the hearing.


Contact a local attorney to help you file a motion to enforce access, and ask for a finding of contempt. If you have a caseworker due to CPS being involved, discuss the issue with the caseworker as well.

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