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My airbags did not deploy during a roll over, do I have a lawsuit?

Fitzgerald, GA |

My 2000 grand cherokee laredo failed to deploy the airbags during a roll over and crash. The chrysler corp are conducting their own investigation to determine why this did or did not happen. What can I expect from them?

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I would not expect much to come from an investigation by Chrysler. It is doubtful that they will admit fault. Whether or not they do anything will depend on your case and the relevant facts. You will need to hire an attorney to take your case. Your attorney will want to know about the crash and details related to it. They will want to know about the history of the vehicle. There are so many variables in a case like this, you will need to see a products liability attorney to see if your have a viable case. Good luck!

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They will check out the vehicle for defects. There a lawyers that handle defective airbag cases, thus, you can search Avvo for a defective product lawyer in your state and call for representation.

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I may just be cynical, but I don't necessarily think you can expect much from Jeep/Chrysler. That said, a lot depends on how the accident happened. Airbags are designed to be a supplemental restraint system, AND the front airbags are designed to activate in frontal crashes (with side impact airbags, naturally, designed to go off in side impacts). So, the mechanism for activating the airbags may not have come into play. Further, since they are designed as supplemental restraints, if you were injured as a result of a rollover and were not wearing seat belts, the argument will be that the failure of the airbags, if any, did not cause your injuries. Best bet would be to discuss the specifics of your accident with a seasoned PI lawyer with experience in air bags cases.

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Keep in mind that your 2000 Laredo was manufactured by a company that is now bankrupt. The new Chrysler company has very limited (if any) liablity for vehicles manufactured prior to the bankruptcy filing.


Certainly not an admission of liability. As to what else you can expect, assuming you have a legal claim (that isn't barred by bankruptcy or the statute of repose), you need to bear in mind product liability claims are expensive to litigate and most lawyers won't consider taking them unless the failure of the airbag to deploy caused you a very serious or catasrophic injury. If you were seriously hurt, you should definitely look on this website for lawyers who have experience in this area and make an appointment with one.

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