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My 9 year old sister in law is being verbally, physically, and mentally abused by her mother, can her father get full custody?

Allentown, PA |

her father passes over child support but her mother never buys her anything with the money, she spends it on beer and irrelevant things, her school work is terrible because she has no help from her mother or older sister, she's always being picked on by her siblings and mother for ni reason. when she comes to visit her dad she's the happiest little girl but when she leaves she's miserable and even cries because she's scared. and on top of that her mother, if she can be called that, has told her that if she continues to tell people that she's hitting her it'll be worse. what can we do? i really hate having to send her back there

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Yes it is possible but Father needs to file a Petition to Modify Custody and obtain a lawyer.



i have a court order in harrisburg pa me and my kids mom are sharing custody of our kids but she constantly verbally abusing my kids every single day but im not there to see what is going on but im in chicago illinois and i talk to my kids but she is always close to them on the phone listening my conversation with my kids can i get full custody of my 2 girls age 6 and 3 yrs old

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