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My 7 day waiting period on GA workers comp ended today. I have seen two doctors for my back , I have an mri schelduled for next

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my 7 day waiting period on ga workers comp ended today i have seen two doctors for my back , i have an mri scheduled for next week i am also im physical therapy when will i receive benefits

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Well, there is no question here, but you should certainly hire a workers' compensation expert to represent your interests in your claim. The insurance company will have an adjuster and possibly an attorney and they will be looking to minimize the expense associated with your claim at every turn.

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I called an attorney, told him my whole deal. He said wait another week before I hire him.


Essentially, starting now. They will commence temporary total disability benefits in the next week or so. It will be two-thirds or your average weekly wage up to $500.00. You will not get benefits for the first seven days until you have missed 21 consecutive days. You should speak with a workers' compensation attorney now and stay ahead of the insurance company. An ounce of prevention in workers' compensation is worth a pound of cure for sure.

I will be glad to speak with you and answer any questions you may have, free of charge of course.

I wish you the best and hope the MRI shows no serious injury.


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Could still be a couple of weeks. They have 21 days to accept or deny the claim. Paying medical benefits alone does not constitute acceptance.

Assuming that they agree your claim is legit though, it is not unusual for them to start income benefits earlier than the 21 days that they have to evaluate the claim.


Several factors will affect whether and when you receive benefits. Legally, you aren't entitled to so-called disability benefits until you have been out of work due to your work injury for seven days. After that, assuming the case is accepted as lost time and not simply sent to the defense attorney, you could expect to receive a check in another two weeks. However, the facts of your case will dictate how this is handled, including the injury and surrounding circumstances, the treatment providers and the claims handling folks overseeing your claim.

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You need to retain an attorney. Insurance company do not treat you fair when you do not have an attorney.

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You will not get TTD benefits fo the first 7 days until you have been out 21 days, at which time you will get a check to "catch" you up for those first seven days, plus the second week. Thereafter, you will receive weekly TTD benefits for as long as you remain medically unable to work. Whether you are medically unable to work or not is usually where the dispute between you and the insurer begins, They may offer you light duty and if it is within the limits set by your treating MD, by law you must at least attempt to do it. Many times you will need an IME opinion (at their expense) then they will get an IME that favors them, and so on. Workers Comp. is a highly technical administrative type law, and is unlike a typical injury case. You should really retain and have a WC atty. representing you from this point forward before you do or say something that could damage your claim.
We have handled Ga. WC claims for 34 years and offer a free initial consultation if you are interested. But if not our firm, there are a number of fine WC lawyers here on Avvo and you need to get a lawyer NOW.

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If you have been out of work for 7 days due to restrictions from an authorized workers' comp doctor, and you have a compensable case, you are now entitled to TTD benefits in the amount of 2/3 of your average weekly wage capped at $500 per week. If you miss 21 consecutive days, they have to go back and pay you for the waiting period. The employer has 21 days from the date it received notice of injury to decide to pay the claim or deny it, so it could be a couple of weeks before you know whether or not they are going to issue a check. All checks after the first one must be paid in a weekly fashion. For more answers regarding your rights under you workers' comp case, call me at 770-786-1095 or email me at I have offices in Atlanta and Covington. Thanks, Greg Pope

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Call an attorney today and get in to see them. You should not wait. If they tell you you should, they are not interested for some reason and you should call someone else. Cases can be affected by your actions from the time of the injury on, so you need to be advised every step of the way. Our firm handles worker's compensation cases, and we are only 20 minutes from Athens if you want to give us a call.

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If you are out of work and a doctor has disabled you from work, you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The insurance company does have 21 days to accept or deny the claim. Paying medical benefits alone does not constitute acceptance. Feel free to contact me directly to discuss further 770-922-3660. I have an office in Conyers and Atlanta.