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My 24yr old daughter got sentence to a jail term of 2 to 4 yrs in jail in the state of pa how much time will she serve

Philadelphia, PA |

This is her first offense

Also we never experience this so it's all new to my family where would they send her at we live in Philadelphia pa

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Usually 75 percent of the back number so about 3 years. Is the case still appealable or perhaps a motion for reconsideration?

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It depends whether the sentencing sheet indicates your daughter is "RRRI" eligible. This is in effect "good time" good time on a state sentence. If good time is reflected she will be released after 18 months. It is suggested that you speak to her attorney to find out what was negotiated.


I agree with both my colleagues. If your daughter has no convictions for crimes of violence she would likely be RRRI eligible and she would only serve 18 months. If she does then it will be closer to 3 years, but that number could go up or down depending on her behavior. Tell her to enroll in as many programs as possible to increase her chances in front of the parole board.


It depends, at east two years but more likely 80% of the total
Sentence. Of course if RRRI eligible as !r Keller said then it could be ess than the so years.

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What's RRRI please explain


As the other responders said, her minimum release date will depend on whether she was RRRI eligible. Keep in mind, that is the first date at which she is eligible for parole; release is not guaranteed. The parole board will consider her behavior in prison, whether she completed the required programs, and any input from the victim, sentencing judge, and DA.

On the other hand, if she was convicted of a violent offense, expect her to spend 80-85% of her maximum sentence regardless of the above factors.

As far as where she will go, there are only two options in PA: Muncy and Cambridge Springs. She'll begin at Muncy and might stay there for the duration of her sentence. If she needs more intensive drug treatment or other behavioral therapy then she'll probably spend some time at Cambridge Springs. Muncy is in Lycoming County, about 3 hours from Philly. Cambridge Springs is near Erie, about as far away from Philly as you can get in PA.

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