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My 23 year old has traumatic brain injury and his girlfriend got pregnant.

New Milford, PA |

My son will soon get a settlement from the traumatic brain injury and his girlfriend got pregnant on purpose; so she can get some of his settlement money. Is he liable for the baby? Is she able to collect even though she knew of his medical condition?

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He would be responsible for the child. you should talk with the lawyer who handled the clam.


Your son will be responsible for the baby. Consult your attorney regarding the settlement proceeds and the issues related to the baby. You may need to consult a family law attorney regarding the child as well. Good luck!


If its his child, he will have to pay child support. Speak to his personal injury attorney about the proceeds of the injury claim and I would schedule a consultation with a family law attorney right away too.

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He should get a top-rated Avvo lawyer with a low contingency fee, so he doesn't get hurt twice.


As stated above - he would be responsible for the child, as any father would. This should be discussed with his lawyer and possibly a family law attorney.

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The question seems to miss the fact that you are going to have a grandchild. Regardless of the mother's motives, your son is going to have a child. Even if the mother's motives are not pure, the child should not suffer.
Moreover, unless the conduct that gave rise to the situation was non consensual ....
Having said that, a lawyer can help your son make sure that he is treated fairly by the family court.

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The girlfriend would have no rights to the settlement proceeds, but your son would be responsible for child support. He should consult with a family law attorney to determine what he might be faced with.


As stated by my colleagues, your son will be responsible for his child, he must consult with the lawyer who handles the claim regarding the settlement proceeds and he should contact a family law attorney right away.


I agree with my colleagues, my suggestion is you speak to a family lawyer and determine your sons options. Best of luck.

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The girlfriend has no rights to the settlement, but your son is responsible for child support as any responsible parent is.


Your son is responsible for the child and the support of the child. If his brain injury makes it impossible for him to work full time he might also be eligible for Social Security Disability, but if he is going to file he needs to know that Social Security does have deadlines and waiting to file a claim can cost him a great deal of back benefits.

Also a child receives benefits based upon a parent's disability award and those benefits do not decrease the parent/claimant's benefits. Often those benefits are accepted by many courts as being the proper amount for child support payments.

I assume your son has an attorney, so taking these questions directly to that person would make the most sense.


Yes, your son will be responsible financially for the baby. He will have to pay child support. However, it would be a good idea to retain a family law attorney to make sure he is properly represented in the case.

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