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My 20 year old boyfriend was pulled over for a traffic offense & arrested for being illegal, how can I help him get out quickly?

Denver, CO |

I am a 20 year old U.S. Citizen; My boyfriend and I live together and have been a couple for 6 years now. We were planning on getting MARRIED but we both thought it would be a good idea to save money for a small wedding. I am a full time student and a part-time employee, he was the full-time employee and I depend on him so I can continue my studies. He covers the rent and most of our bills and I do not want to lose him.

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There is no way to get him out quickly. You need to hire an immigration attorney immediately and repost this under the immigration section of Avvo. This is not really a traffic question.

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Your boyfriend will be held in the county jail until his court date. At the resolution of this case he will be sent to immigration and subject to deportation. You need a criminal lawyer for the traffic case and an immigration lawyer for the deportation issue. We handle both.