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My 18 year old son was in a car accident. Should I retain a lawyer?

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My son and his girlfriend were in a car accident. The car, registered in his name, was totaled. He was found at fault for the accident. His girlfriend has been in the hospital for several weeks and is expected to require physical therapy over the next 2 or 3 months. I was just informed by my insurance company that the passenger of the car that hit them has retained an attorney. This passenger was taken to the ER and immediatly released after the accident. I have bodily injury coverage of $100k per person and $300k per occurance. My son has no assets. Should I be consulting a lawyer?

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Assuming a valid auto insurance policy in force at the time of the accident, your insurance company and its attorneys will presumably handle any claims, provided your son was not an excluded driver under your policy.

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Yes, consult with local and qualified personal injury litigation counsel. Your son's girlfriend should retain an attorney to pursue her claim against your son. Most importantly, notice and cooperate with your insurance company. Good luck.

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Hopefully, your son's car was insured. If so, contact the insurer. If not,
then you should contact an attorney.


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Report it to your insurance company to resolve. If a lawsuit is filed, the insurance company will provide a lawyer to defend.

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If your insurance company can settle the claim without litigation then you will likely not need an attorney. The only damage you will suffer in that case is in the nature of higher insurance rates. If the case results in a lawsuit, your insurance company should provide counsel to defend the insured.

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You should hire an attorney to keep an eye on the defense and if possible, force the insurers to offer their policy limits and settle the case within the policy limits. You do not want a judgment enterred against your son that follows him forever.

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Jeffrey Bruce Gold


Just noticed, that you indicated insurance but did not mention if he had any on his car. If he didn't he needs a lawyer desperately.


Your insurance company will get your son a lawyer if he is sued, assuming that he was a permissive driver of your car. If you have any doubts about the lawyer who the issuerinsurer hires for you you can consider asking them to hire you as separate lawyer or hiring your own lawyer yourself.

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