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My 17 yr old son was arrested for criminal damage to property, and disordily conduct under $300, do I need a lawyer?

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This is a result of a confortation after school, this other kid called my son a name, and my son thru his keys at his truck, the keys never hit the truck, but the other kid ran to the police station and filed a report saying that it did, the police called my son and asked him to come to the police station for some questioning? they never questioned him, they arrested him? Now this other kid keeps driving by the house and trying to provoke him some more, this is rediculous, my son went to jail and the other kid gets nothing, not fare. Should I get a lawyer?

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If your son has been arrested than you need a lawyer for your son; they have already made up their mind about the incident and apparently have no interest in any further investigation since they arrested your son. Therefore, at this point he really needs an attorney. There is probably not much that a lawyer is going to be able to do as far as the person making the complaint is concerned; usually, when charges have been filed it is very difficult to make a civil complaint against that person as their allegations have been reviewed and found to establish probable cause for the issuance of the warrant or charges.


I agree with the assessments of Mr Pichlik, and also suggest that you get a lawyer involved immediately to protect your son's rights. Self-help in response to the continued provocation by the alleged victim is not advisable, however the lawyer can deal with the issue through the courts. Good luck.

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