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My 17 year old daughter's best friend was kicked out of parents last night. Will we get in trouble for her staying w/us?

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She is 17, there was an altercation between the mom & daughter, mom beat daughter up, step dad pulled mom off of kid, mom then kicked her out of the house & said to never come back. She was walking with no place to go after 10 PM, called us & we went to pick her up. She is staying with us, doesn't have any place to go. She doesn't want to go back home because she is tired of raising her parents. Money issues involved, daughter has a job, pays bills and the mom got mad when her daughter didn't want to give money for frivolous items when the water bill needs to be paid and turned back on. She & my daughter go to the same school, she is a very respectful kid. We don't want the law beating down our door. We are concerned for the kid since her mom kicked her out & hasn't made contact in 24hrs.

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Call the mother (during the day) and try for written permission for her to live with you. You don't say where her biological father is.

If the parents don't call the authorities, it is unlikely anyone else would.

You can consider a call to CPS but that runs the risk that the child would be placed somewhere else. If her parents make her return home, do make the CPS call and make it crystal clear you want her placed with you.

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You have to be careful. If you don't tell her parents that she's with you, you could be charged with harboring a runaway. I suggest having her call them to say that she's safe and will talk to them tomorrow. Do try to get permission to keep her if you can. Unfortunately she may be the only one working in the household. Mom may claim to police that you are holding her against mothers will. Be up front with police. Consider that call to cps if there's been abuse.its an obligation of law..

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