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My 17 y/o son received a ticket for speeding 14 mph over the speed limit. What should we do/prepare when we go to court?

Glenview, IL |

Does my son plead guilty, ask for supervision or do we need a lawyer? it's his first ticket and it was on a local road.

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Attorney answers 2


, The issue as to whether you need an attorney depends on what you wish to do. If you want to contest the ticket, contact an attorney. If you are seeking supervision, it is likely he will receive it on his first ticket, especially if the ticket is at the Skokie courthouse, and a parent is in court.


Your son should plan to attend court and, as Mr. Greenberg stated, it looks good when a parent attends with his/her child. He will be required to attend a driver's safety course in order to get supervision, in addition to paying a fine and court costs (which are often 3, 4 times the amount of the fine). Courts allow time to pay, but let the judge know that time is needed if it is. A motorist under the age of 21 who receives two convictions under within 24 months will have his/her license suspended by the Secretary of State. However, supervision will not count as a conviction and will not affect his license or insurance.