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My 16 year old was arrested and charged with dui of Marijuana and posession of marijuana. Should we hire an attorney?

Gillette, WY |

both tickets are a misdemeanor, No prior drug convictions, We don't think he was under the influence as he said he smoked it before work around 4:00 in the afternoon. He was picked up at 1:30 in the AM when he left work. He was changing the radio station and swerved on the road was the reason for the pull over.

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Yes, you should hire a top reated attorney. These charges could have long-term implications for your child. I suggest talking with this attorney, whom I know to be dedicated and dependable when it comes to criminal defense in Wyoming:

R. Michael Vang
515 Ivinson Avenue
Laramie, WY 82073

Phone: 307-745-7358
Fax: 307-745-7385


Your son may be able to fight the charges and have them dismissed! He wont have a chance without an attorney by his side who is an experienced and dedicated to advocate on his behalf. With respect to DUI charges involving drugs, rather than alcohol, there is no magic number like a .08% BAC (blood alcohol concentration) to "prove" impairment. The ONLY evidence the prosecution will have against him are the officer's statements concerning what he observed. If the officer observed red eyes for example, that does not mean your son was impaired...if he smelled marijuana, that also doesn't prove impairment. Even if your son submitted to a blood test that showed marijuana in his still does not prove impairment! Further, there are no studies on how drugs affect driving - unlike alcohol studies which show impairment exists after a .08% BAC (and at lower levels according to other studies). Bottom line, your son needs an attorney to aggressively fight these charges.

All the best,
Debra S. White, Esq.