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My 16 year old sister is living with me and some friends. our mother is refusing to sign even temporary custody.

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is there anything i can do to make her sign custody over to me or someone else? we have tried to explain to her that we only want it incase she needs to go to the hospital. my mother lives about 2 hours away in the state of georgia.

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How old are you and why is she living with you?

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i am 23 and she is staying with me due to people bullying her and causing problems. and the living conditions in our mothers home are horrible.


It depends on the circumstances and your age and many other factors. You may be able to petition the court, but should definitely consult with an attorney to weigh your options.

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You can file a petition for temporary custody by extended family, but if the mother will not sign a consent, you must prove that she is unfit. This will cost a ton of money. So, the best thing to do is to impress upon your mom the necessity of her consent pursuant to Florida Law.

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If the mother won't sign then you have to go to court and let the court evaluate the situation. The court have to find the mother unfit in order for another party, you, to step in as the adult to make decisions for the child. It would be a good idea to contact an attorney to discuss your options.

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