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My 15 year old son was with his friend who had stole his parents car

Mechanicsburg, OH |

did not know it was stolen

his friend is also underage,just happen last night so charges have been made yet.. just wondering what they could charge him with since he was in the car.the friend pick him up so he just thought the parents let him use the car.

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It is not clear if your son has been charged with any crime. You should consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in your community to be sure that your son is protected.


Was your son's friend also underage? There are a variety of potential issues in your question but insufficient information on which to base a response. I, and any other attorneys who respond to you, strongly recommend that you engage the services of a qualified criminal defense attorney with experience in the juvenile system at once. He/she will not only be able to respond to your concerns but at the same time prepare an appropriate defense. Please do not delay.


You neither ask a question nor provide any details beyond your son unknowingly being with a car thief.

If your son is questioned, he would likely benefit from having an attorney present. If he is charged, he will need an attorney.

The OH and your county bar associations can provide referrals, if needed.

The foregoing is for general information purposes and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.


They could charge your son with Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle, Unauthorized Use of Property, Receiving Stolen Property, and many other things. First step do not talk to the police with out an attorney. You should retain an attorney who can go with you and your son to talk to the police and may be able to avoid charges altogether.
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