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My 15 year old may have to go to youth court on disorderly conduct charge a fight that happened at school. He got attacked by 2

Corinth, MS |

boys and was trying to defend himself. What do I need to do? At this school fights happened all the time! Some kids don't even get the police called on them for fighting. Are the principals discriminating against certain kids? Should I sue the school?

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No attorney can possibly answer your question. There are too many facts which you cannot squeeze into the space available. You need to talk to an attorney ASAP. If you cannot afford an attorney, talk to someone at the Public Defender's office or Legal Aid.


No. Get all witnesses to fight and take to court.


Your question is both criminal and civil in nature.A decision to sue the school(board) is one to be made by an Atorney who handles civil cases,but I will attempt to answer your criminal defense question.Youth Court is the best possible place for your son's case to be heard.Results from Youth Court are generally harder for the public to have access for record purposes(criminal record not avilable to prospective employers) and usually Youth Court hearings are closed to the public.In sum a decision by the Youth Court may not involve jail or a fine and when your son reaches twenty one his youth records are usually sealed.Having said that ,please hire an Attorney to repsent your son,nothing good happens in court when you repsent yourself. Good Luck!

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