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My 15 year old is charged with trespassing and building bonfire in vacant field behind friends house. There are no signs posted

West Palm Beach, FL |

Son camping out with friend behind his house they built "campfire". Police were called and sons buddy ran away and my son was charged with trespassing and building bonfire. There are no signs posted. This is his friends neighborhood. The boys father was aware of campout and the location, not sure if he was aware of campfire.

My question is do we need a lawyer? The officer said he would be charged as juvenile. We have scoured area and find NO signs for "no trespassing" and evidently the kids of that neighborhood have been playing in wooded lot for years. My son did not realize they were doing anything wrong. Oh there are signs of no trespassing at entrance to neighborhood but he was an invited guest of a resident.

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Hire an attorney for your son. He will be charged as a juvenile. It doesn't appear that you are asking a question, but your son may very well have some good defenses. The police reports may provide a side of things that differ from your son's perspective.

This is not to be considered legal advice nor does an attorney-client relationship exist.


I think you you consider hiring a lawyer for your son.


Call our office for a consultation.


As a criminal defense attorey and former juvenile prosecutor in Palm Beach County, I recommend that you hire an attorney who handles juvenile matters. While juvenile records are confidential, what many people do not realize that a juvenile record can have a negative, long-term impact on an individual if they are charged with an adult crime.