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My 15 year old daughter is pregnant she wont come and see me now and im worried about my grand child

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i am worried about my grandchild as my daughter is not capable of looking after her child and her mother is not been able to look after her propely as she never went to school and now fell pregnant i want to help her but she will not see or talk to me now i no my grandchild is at risk

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Do you have visitation rights with your daughter? If so, you can enforce those rights.

Naturally it's preferred that everyone works to get along, you and the child's mother share a child and your daughter and you should have a relationship. However, if the Court has awarded you visitation rights and you are being refused visitation you can file a motion for contempt against the mother -- the mother has a duty to ensure you are able to exercise your visitation rights even if the child states they do not want to visit.

Be prepared for a rough time, though. Sometimes once the visitations start back up there aren't any issues, but other times you'll have a very unhappy teenager on your hands (and every parent of a teenager knows how difficult they can be when they are unhappy) and you'll have a lot of work to do to try and rebuild your relationship with your daughter.

There may be other issues you will want to look at. It is certainly a problem if your daughter is not attending school, and if the mother isn't making sure the child goes to school there are probably other problems as well.

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If you feel your child is being neglected, you can file for a change of custody or report the case to the Department of Human Services Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline.

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