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My 10 year old sin just got out of a behavioral health facility last week for putting a knife to his chest and saying he was

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going to kill himself and his dad. My son went to one appointmentto see a psychologist after his release. I toldhis dad what wasoing in and that Iwas stopping visitations. I have sole custody and he has every other weekend visita. st received an emergency hear for Monday morning for visitation to be reinstated. Today is Saturday. I obviously have to go to court by myself an. Would the courts favor my sons decision to not see his dad until the psychologist deans it safe

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If there is a medical determination that your son should not spend time with his father, then you need to present that medical witness. The mere fact that your son has decided he does not wish to see his father may not be sufficient. If you have a lawyer, you need to contact him/her, even if this is the weekend. Otherwise, go to court on Monday and ask for time to respond.


There are many lawyers who work weekends and would be willing to assist you in court on Monday. I suggest you get on to star finding one ASAP. Don't go without one.

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You need an attorney NOW. If you can't find one this weekend, ask for a continuance. You may get a very short one. Obviously on Monday, it will be four days before the weekend.


Don't go to court without an attorney. You should keep an attorney on retainer but, if you don't have one, find one over the weekend.

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