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Must a Jersey corporation register an alternate or fictitious name? And what if they don't?

Haddonfield, NJ |

In doing research on a domestic company suing us, we could not find that they have or had a business license in Jersey. Finally tracked down info that said they have a different corporate name (e.g., WXYZ News Corp), but they have been transacting business under the name WX News for years. Not a tiny company. Has 200 employees. Documents in the case refer only to the alternate name. We've never seen the actual registered name on anything. The Jersey statute at 14A:2-2.1(6) seems contradictory in whether an unlicensed business can bring suit. One part states "no such corporation shall maintain any action or proceeding in any court of this State arising out of a contract or act in which it used such alternate name until it has filed such a certificate." Can anyone share insight?

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Any lawsuit they file can be dismissed as a result of not being properly registered in this state.