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Murder 187(a) this person that I know was charged .what does he need to do.

Sacramento, CA |

He was caught fleeing the scene he says he did not do it although the police found a gun an an he did threaten the victim.

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Your friend needs to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. This is a very serious offense and he has to start working with an attorney to develop his defense as soon as possible. I work in the Sacramento Courts and would be happy to give your friend a free consultation.


Loose lips sink ships. This person needs an attorney. The cops or DA wlll put moles in the jail to get info from him. All of his conversations are recorded. His letters are screened. Communication is intercepted. The only person he should be speaking to is his attorney.

The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.


He needs to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately.


He needs to hire an attorney as quickly as possible. He needs to remember that phones and visitation rooms are monitored and conversations are recorded and may be forwarded to the DA if anything incriminating is said. Mail is read and may likewise be fowarded. He needs to know that walls have ears and other inmates sometimes have a motivation to share information. In other words, he needs to refrain from talking to anyone other than his lawyer about his case.