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Municipal Court

Edison, NJ |

I will plead not guilty to a moving violation ticket. I know the violation carries points. Will I get a chance to speak to the prosecutor before I go before the judge? Thanks.

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Generally, you will get a chance to speak to the municipal prosecutor prior to going before the judge. I never suggest going in without an attorney, but should you choose to do so, be sure to ask the prosecutor if they can give you a reduction in points. If not, then you need to seriously consider hiring an attorney.

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The prosecutors in Edison are great people. The will speak to all pro se defendants. More information is needed to determine if an attorney makes sense. Call with more infromation.


You will get to speak to the prosecutor and he/she may lower your violation to a no point ticket. Depending on how many points you are facing, it may be a good idea to get an attorney to handle your case as an attorney would likely get you a better deal.

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The Municipal Court system in New Jersey entitles everyone that is charged with a traffic infraction to conference their case with the Municipal Court Prosecutor before appearing before the judge. Take advantage of that opportunity and see if you can resolve your case to your satisfaction with the prosecutor.

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