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Multiple pending felony and misdemeanor cases, help!

Cornelia, GA |

Fot a friend: I have two pending felony possession of marijuana charges in one county . I was on bond and in a different county with a battery and disorderly conduct (I was bonded out and didn't show to court and now have a bench warrant) and then got charged with felony distribution of marijuana in the first county. What's going to happen? I have no prior record except expunged charges of possession of marijuana with intent, possession of ecstasy, possession of a firearm during a commission of a felony but they were expunged because of evidentiary issues. What should I do? The felonies are all in the same circuit, so will they roll together? I still have first offenders.

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Attorney answers 1


You should contact an attorney immediately. You have a bench warrant and can be arrested at any point.



I am trying to reach my public defender, but was trying to find out possibilities or the outlook and best and worst outcomes for the situation. I am not eligible for treatment or drug court, but I am for first offenders.