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MS Labor laws on Breaktimes

Jackson, MS |

I worked 6 hours on my 8 hour shift before I got a 30 min break. Is this legal? The Policy for my company is 1-30 min break for every 8 hour shift or 2-for 15 mins. My supervisors seemed to be worried when I brought it up to them that I would like a break after they realized I had worked for 6 hours without one while my colleges were getting breaks after just 3 hours. Was how my break was handled legal in the state of MS?

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There is no Mississippi statute that requires employees be given meal breaks at any specific interval(s). Federal laws do address pay compensation regarding meal times, but that doesn't seem to be your issue. Unless you have a contract provision for the timing of meal breaks that was violated, I don't see where your company did anything wrong.

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