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MS contract law, enforceability of verbal agreement, remedies for breach

New Albany, MS |

5 months agao i made a verble agreement with a girl to trade cars even, at the time the car i had was driveable and the car she had was not. We traded cars but never signed titles, now that the car i have (the car i got from her) is driveable she wont sign the title over to me. She now claims there is a mecaincs lien against the car (witch she never mentioned before) and wants to trade back, and i want to keep this car, i spent a month working on this car to get it driveable. What are my legal rights and what can i do?

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A legalk theory which may help you is reliance on a promise. If you did thins in reliance in a contract even if you can't prove the contract you may recover contract damages, which in this case means keeping the car. Your state's DMV will have to help you get title straightened out.

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