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Moving to another state where DUI is an infraction not a misdemeanor

Arlington, VA |

I was convicted of a DUI about 3 years ago in VA, but I'm thinking about moving to New Jersey where a DUI is only a traffic infraction not a misdemeanor. If I'm allowed to obtain a NJ drivers license how will the DUI show up on my driving record as an infraction or as a misdemeanor ?

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FWIW, NJ doesn't deal with felonies and misdemeanors--they have criminal and non-criminal categories. DUI is non criminal (so my NJ attorney friends tell me) and their DUI stays on a drivers record forever.

Penalities for DUI in NJ are just as hard as elswhere in the country

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It will show up as a DUI on your record.


Yes it will show up.

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It will show up as a DUI.

NJ will not grant you a license until you have had your VA license restored, assuming that is your "home" state.

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