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Moving out of state

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My ex boyfriend is moving out of state, i have our son and he has not been to see him in a year my son is 1. I don't know were he is going and he is suppose to pay me child support. If i was to meet someone that wanted to adopt my son how can i do so if i don't know were the father is and do i have to have his permission? My sons father has a warrant for him in Ohio, and his other 3 kids were in child protective services in Ohio, what are the odds that if my sons father was to fight me for him that he would get him or even have visitation?

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You would need his consent for a stepparent adoption or you would need to terminate his parental rights for abandonment. The longer he is gone and not seeing your son or supporting him the better your case.

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You should consult with a family law attorney in your area immediately. It is probably prudent to initiate an action against the ex boyfriend in Florida now, while he is still a resident. Once the Court ha jurisdiction over him you will be able to require updated address information. Additionally, if he is arrested for the Ohio warrants - he'll be easier to find if incarcerated.

In any event - you should consult with a family law lawyer before ex boyfriend leaves Florida for parts unknown.

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It's impossible to estimate the odds of him getting visitation that being said my colleague is correct it would be prudent to begin proceedings against him now while he easier to locate. My firm handles such matters and offers free case consultations. Our number is 813 830 2361. Thanks

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You can easily find someone using a locater service. When the time comes you will need a lawyer to terminate his parental rights. Contact my office for free consultation 727-446-7659

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