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Moving out at age 17 in Texas to another state.

Granbury, TX |

Im not in any cps case, nor any child abuse (anymore). My mother and I do not get along and is only not giving me consent anymore to move out (she originally gave me consent) because its a form of punishment staying with her to my mother (single parent full custody) I had consent on my cell phone a text messagd which she took up on my 17 birthday, (gave me consent when i was 16, that i could move out at age 17) to punish me to stay with her. She kicked out my 19year friend whom i was going to move in with with my mothers permission also on my 17th birthday. Is there anything i can do?

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In order for you to operate as an adult, you may file a Petition for Removal of Disability of Minority in the county where you live. In order to file, you must be living apart from your parents, guardians or managing conservators and you must be self-supporting and managing yoru own financial affairs. If you do not meet these requirements, my advice, though not legal advice, is the same as what I did at 17 and most other 17-year-olds who wanted their independence. Buckle down in school and the best grades possible. Find a good job as close to home as possible to earn money and gain valuable employment skills. Stay out of trouble and don't get a criminal record of any kind.

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