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Moving from New York to Pennsylvania Can i settle my workers comp claim?

Ridgewood, NY |

I have been on workers comp for 6 months because of a back injury. I am planning to move out of New York to Pennsylvania. Would i be able to settle with my jobs insurance company because I am moving. I have been looking up doctors in P.A but everyone i have called will not take me. I really need to know if they would settle with me or not? Thank you so much for all those who answer

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Yes, you can settle your claim. Moving might be a good reason to do that. It also might be wise to consult and attorney to take your comp case so they can advise you. They may suggest that you go ahead and move and that they settle the case after you leave. I would not rush to settle unless it's absolutely necessary.


If you mean a section 32 it is probably too soon.

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I agree with counsel, six months into a back injury may be a bit too soon to settle. However, consult with a local attorney to explore all options. There are a multitude of PA doctors who accept NY workers' compensation insurance. However, I recommend finding a provider before you make the move because in in order to continue lost wage benefits, it is your burden to produce a medical report every 90 days documenting your degree of disability. Consult with counsel and good luck.


You don't have to settle just because you are moving. If it were here I would require the ins co to provide a new dr in pa.

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