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Moved to FL from MA to get way from drug addiction, pending court case on conspiracy violate state narco law. what do i do?

North Port, FL |

I was stopped and was arrested for conspiracy to violate state narcotic laws. I had no drugs this time but I did have a drug problem. I have moved out of state and im doing great and under doctor care living with my father I'm 22 yrs old. If I go back to MA it's going to be a trigger point for me and I don't want to let myself down anymore. The addiction has stopped. What do I do. I'm unemployed living with my father, I have put my family threw so much, and now that i'm doing well this comes up. Help!

Worchester Police, Ma, I was stopped after leaving someones vehicle, I had no drugs on me. I have been charged with Conspiracy to violate drug laws M.G.L. Chapter 94C Charges pending in MA

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Who stopped and arrested you? Why did they stop you? What have you been charged with? Is the charge pending in Florida or MA?


Where is the charge? In general you will never be able to move on until you deal with your past.

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As the other attorneys indicate, there is not a specific question here. You say you were stopped and arrested, I assume in MA? If there are pending charges in MA, you should get a MA criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges. Particularly if, as you say, you had no drugs. However, even if you had no drugs you say you were charged with a conspiracy, which is essentially an agreement or plan to commit a crime, may be just by words alone. Hire a MA attorney to deal with this problem.

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