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Move to a different state while on probation

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I have a second degree burglary charge in ct from back in 2007 and have until April of 2014 on probation. I have requested for a transfer to move to maine recently and ct requested to extradite me to Maine and Maine denied it and said they would give me an answer in 45 days. I want to know how likely I will be granted the move and if a lawyer would help me get the transfer or help if I move. I have completed all my terms of conditions and would be moving with my fiancé and her family who have all written letters to aid my move. I have been living with her and her family for 3 years already and they are selling their house and moving to Maine

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The chances are se what better using an attorney, however transfers are usually discretionary and left up to the state you're choosing to transfer to... As a rest there's really no set answer to this question.

You'd essentially be taking a shot that the lawyer would be able to help
More than your own request alone and no one could actually guarantee you that they could do any better...

That being said, usually most lawyers are a bit more skilled than the average person at asking for consideration and usually probation is more likely to agree as a courtesy to an attorney that just the Probationer asking.

If you're interested in hiring an attorney to assist you on this cases contact my firm to discuss this issue further.

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You should hire an attorney to file a Motion to change the terms of your probation. Sometimes a state can monitor probation even if the Defendant moves out of state.

Any answer or response to your question I may provide does not establish or constitute an attorney-client relationship and is for general informational purposes only.


Your best bet would be to speak to a lawyer to assist with the probation transfer, then if that does not work, to assist with a modification of your probation terms OR a sentence modification to end your probation early. Good luck!

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