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Motorcycle injury extended rental car compensation?

Stephenville, TX |

Somewhat unique situation, was injured when someone cut me off and I had to lay the bike down. They admitted fault and I will eventually hire a lawyer and file for future damages. His insurance got my bike fixed and provided a rental car during repair. Meantime I had surgery, but need to undergo a few months of physical therapy. I'm crutching around, well enough to drive a car but riding the bike is impossible until I heal further. The bike got out of the shop and now the rental car is no longer going to being paid by his insurance company. Question: if I keep the car and pay out of pocket (its the only way I can get around for a few months) am I pretty much guaranteed to get this money back as part of the settlement? If not, I'll try to borrow a car from a friend instead...

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I really do understand the logic behind your decision to wait a bit to hire a lawyer but, really, it is not the best way to go. Give me a call and I'll explain why.

To put yourself at ease on the issue, please do a bit of research on me and you'll see that I've helped a lot of riders all over Texas.

And, for the actual answer to your question, nope, you're not guaranteed the money from your out of pockets, even when they've admitted fault.

I hope you give me a holler: 888.743.2820 toll-free.



Once your motorcycle is fixed, the insurance company will not have an obligation in the future to pay you for more days of renting a car. No gurantees you will get money back for continuation of car rental.

Regarding the personal injury claim, if there is evidence to support it, you can recover compensation for: (1) medical bills; (2) future medical care costs; (3) lost wages; (4) pain; (5) disfigurement; (6) impairment; and (7) mental stress.

You need to speak with a personal injury attorney. Do not make any statements to the insurance company, sign any insurance company forms, or give them access to your medical records/bills or health insurance information.

For free information on Texas motorcycle accident and personal injury claims, please click on the link below. You can also send a confidential e-mail to or make a call to (214) 800-3454.

They will use this information against you despite the fact that may say it is necessary to evaluate the claim.

Hope you make a speedy recovery from your injuries.



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