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Motorcycle accident caused by other driver with Max policy of $50,000, but our bills are well over $70,000 and rising. Help!

Snyder, TX |

My husband was involved in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver resulting in multiple injuries and being airlifted to a hospital 2 hrs away. The party at fault's insurance will only pay the max policy of $50,000, but our medical bills alone are well over $70,000 and still rising. What are we to do to not get stuck paying the bills? Should we get a lawyer and pay lawyers fees on top of everything or do we just take the insurance offer?

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You will likely be helped out by a lawyer. In some states lawyers may be able to guide you through some laws that help with cost containment on the amount a provider may charge for motor vehicle accident injuries. Their may also be public/government benefits which could be applied for or even the lawyer negotiate down the medical bills if all else fails.

Also, you may be eligible depending upon you motorcyle and any household polices and state alwe for underinsured motorist benefits. A lawyer can explain that and look into that as well as make sure that the other driver does not have any other insurance policies which may provide coverage for this accident.

Most laywers will also not charge a fee on any monies that have been formally offered already in writing.


You need to speak to an attorney about the insurance coverage involved before settling.

Feel free to call or email me to discuss. 972-231-5800.


We handle just a select number of clients here from all over Texas at a time, and several of them are in your exact situation right now: motorcycle accidents in which the injuries are far greater than the apparent amount of insurance.

You'll notice that I said "apparent" as we have a few tricks up our sleeve for, sometimes, finding much more. But even if there is no more money to be found in your case, you should hire an attorney right away. The right one will make sure that, if at al possible, all your bills get paid with the little bit of money available, that you get to keep as much as possible, and will let you sleep better at night knowing that you didn't blow it.

And, in cases like yours where getting the first $50,000 sounds easy, we even afford a discount at this firm so that you can rest assured you're making the right investment.

Feel free to call on our toll-free line at any time: 888.473.2820. We can help. And Snyder is not a problem as we represent the right clients all across Texas (and several from even farther away). And, since your medical care sounds so substantial, my associate's being a lawyer and a nurse will mean that we'll not fail to appreciate the medical issues in your case.



You need to contact a Texas motorcycle accident attorney. Your husband should not sign any insurance company documents before speaking to an attorney about all available sources of compensation and insurance coverage. A motorcycle accident may be able to reduce the amount owed on medical bills.

For more information about motorcycle accidents please visit the following sites:

Please contact me if I can be of service or answer any questions.



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