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Motion to vacate judgment for a medical bill that I was sued for; how is the best way to present my case?

Chevy Chase, MD |

The court has granted me Motion to vacate judgment for a medical bill that I was sued for. The hearing is set again in few weeks and I have to go and present my case; my argument focus on I had healthcare coverage and I did provide the information, but provider failed to file the claim.
What kind of document do I need? I want to use the court time properly to present my case. Any suggestion is welcome.

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You need to take every single document with you that would support your case. Take multiple copies so that the opposing party can have a copy and the court can have a copy. If the claim is less than $5000 then you will have an easier time presenting your case because the rules of evidence are relaxed. If the claim is over $5000 then you may have trouble. You would be held to the rules of evidence. This means that your documents may not be admissible. If your defense is that the provider failed to file the claim, then you need evidence to support your defense (assuming it's even a valid defense). If the claim is large, I highly suggest talking to an attorney about what options you may have. - This is not legal advice nor does it create an attorney-client relationship. This is for education and informational purposes only. It is always recommended that you contact an attorney with any concerns as each individual case is unique.