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Motion to Modify temp parenting plan, This a twisted web and so to tell. But point being My ex wife filed these documents

Marysville, WA |

I do not have a lawyer for a family law case, But I do have a lawyer for Criminal case. My ex wife and her advocate submitted documents to my Criminal lawyer for a temp parenting plan modification on Thursday and I have not received a single document by mail and she is involving a open criminal case and I cant properly defend my self. She stated I need to give my physical address and not the Po Box. She also told me a few days ago all documents are to be mailed to her advocate Po box. Can I legally send documents to an advocate? What do I do about the court date? What do I say. My last hearing since I feel this system is flawed toward Mom.. Well I got totally chewed up and spit out.

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An advocate is not an attorney so you need to serve the response to her 5 court days before the hearing if this is in Snohomish county-- if you mail the docs it has to be mailed 8 court days before the hearing. Worse comes to worse, ask for a continuance if she will not give you a physical address to which you can deliver the docs. However, if the PO box is in one of those UPS places, you could physically deliver the response to the PO Box 5 court days before the hearing. It is improper for her to send the original docs to your Crim attorney if he has not filed a Notice of Appearance in the case civil case.

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I can replay she never mailed me any documents. I literally found out last night I have hearing. I have no legal documents to respond too, she is going after a change due to circumstances in which I cant defend my slef


Ask the court to deny her motion since the service to you was not proper. Then consider hiring an attorney for your family law case to defend yourself.

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