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Motion to compel Arizona civil court

Phoenix, AZ |

Is mtc and discovey a good ideal when answering a summons? I have a collections attorney trying to sue me for a little less than $3500. I have received statement copies but no proof they own the debt no contract yet, under what grounds should i file to support this? and if this law firm does not reply but still file suit what should i do? this cc account was chargred off in mid 2010 but was in default in mid 2009 . I know I'm asking alot of questions i,m just worried, Thankful for any answers

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Your question is not clear. It sounds like you need a local attorney. You say the collections attorney is trying to sue you, but then you ask about mtc and discovery. So, you are being sued? If so, then you should definitely avail yourself of discovery. Ask for documents to support the contract. If they are just threatening suit, ask them for the documents and tell them that you will be entitled to them if they sue, so they can save time and expense by giving them to you now.