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Motion for Modification of Alimony, how much time do you have after the judgement to change your mind?

Waterbury, CT |

I just went to court and my ex-wife agreed to a lump sum alimony buyout in exchange for final termination of alimony.

She accepted the check and the judge signed off on it. Now my ex is talking about not cashing the check and wanting to go back to court to reopen alimony so she can increase it over and above what it was. What are the odds? Is this possible?

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If the case went to judgment, and there was no weekly alimony awarded, then it's over. If she doesnt cash the check that is up to her but that doesnt open the door to weekly alimony.

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This was a motion to modify alimony. I was told that there is a statuatory time period where the ex-wife could change her mind and abort the agreement. Is this true? The judge reminded her that this will end alimony forever and she agreen and the judge sogned off on it.



agreed, signed

Christopher P Norris

Christopher P Norris


its over

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