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Mother in law called police on her son (my husband) now he is being charges for domestic violence

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they was drinking and started arguing over his father, how he treated his biological mother in the past. well she kept nagging him on, and she got in his face he moved her out of his way to go to the bedroom so i could calm him down, well during this time she fell she tripped over her own feet, then she told the cops that he pused me well he didn't, he moved me out of the way, i've been with him for over six years not once has he ever put his hands on me in a violent way, thats one reason i am manly deeply in love with him. now he can't come home no contact order which he shouldn't have because he didn't push me. the thing that ticks me off, she was drunk also. this has happened before but she never called the police they worked it out. i miss him darely. please some1 help losing my mind

his mother is known to lie, cause trouble in every single one of her sons marriages. this is one reason why we kicked her out over a year ago... do you think this is a good cause to get a ppo against her, since we no longer want her around us or our children. all i've been doing the last three days cry, not eating, cry, think of him.... he doesn't have a violent past either.

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If the no contact order forbids your husband from having contact with you, the prosecutor and the courts are considering you a victim in this situation. Under the Crime Victims Rights Act, you have a right as the alleged victim of a crime to express your views and desires to the prosecutor. Contact the prosecutor's office and let the prosecutor assigned to the case that you were not struck or pushed by your husband. Also, you may appear at the next hearing and ask the Judge to lift the no contact order as it pertains to you. Until the order is lifted be careful not to do anything that could get your husband in trouble for violating the order. This would included communicating with him through third parties. Also, please be advised that physical contact does not have to be "violent" to be considered an assault. Ultimately, it will be the prosecutor's decision whether to continue pressing the charges or not.

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Violation of a Protective order can be a serious charge and the State can prove the case with the Mom as a witness. You may want to contact the prosecutor handling the case and calmly tell them how you feel and what has happend with his Mom and the history with her lies. You should also hire an attorney to defend your husband. Good Luck.