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Mother goes to methadone clinic. Can father get full custody if drug free?

Albertville, AL |

Mother was on street bought methadone for one year and is has been going to the clinic now for over one year. She nods out at home in front of her daughter constantly, has nodded out at the wheel while driving and I strongly believe she would fail a urine test for Xanax which she is not prescribed. I have pictures of her nodding as well as videos. My 12 year old daughter would probably give a statement as to my other daughters mother nodding out at the wheel while driving. Do I have a good chance at getting full custody?

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You should definitely consult with a local family law attorney. The mother will almost certainly get visitation. If what you want is to limit the mother's contact, you need an experienced professional to put the case together for you and present it to the court.

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