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Mother demands she be there for supervised visitations, won't allow any other way. Are there free Agencies that can supervise?

Cincinnati, OH |

Unewed couple, mother currently has custody but there was never a court order. She is refusing to let me see my child unless she supervises. I have no history of neglect, a perfect record, planning on being a cop, clean background. I told her due to finances I wouldn't be able to see my son for a while and she is using it against me saying he will be scared of me now.

I've tried to avoid the courts due to finances. What are my choices legally? What do I have to do to get normal visitation/unsupervised by someone other than her or her family members/friends. They try to record the whole thing and she only wants it at her house or in public. I just want quality time with my son, but I don't wane her there. He doesn't pay attention to me due to her being there. I can't afford an att.

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You are a stranger to that child in the eyes of the law until you establish paternity and obtain an order concerning visitation and child support. Until you do that, you have no right to see the child.

You "can't afford an [attorney," or you just don't want to pay for one? Like you, we don't like to work for free.

The foregoing does not establish an attorney client relationship with Attorney Stephen D. Gregg. The answer given is not legal advice and is only given for educational purposes.


At this point, you have two choices: Comply with Mother's demands and continue to foster a relationship with your child 2) Refuse Mother's demands and understand that her attempts to estrange the child from you will be strengthened by your lack of presence. Either way, you should immediately file for custody/parental rights and strive for a shared parenting plan. This is a very tough thing to accomplish without counsel, but you have a right to proceed "pro se". The longer you wait, the more an attorney will cost you because your issues become tougher to argue on your behalf. There are far too many twists and turns along the litigation path to cover in here. I am available to speak with you in more detail with a free consultation. Call 614/207-1673.

Disclaimer - I am a practicing attorney in Ohio. The law varies state to state. This is being offered as general legal education. There is no explicit or implicit offer to provide legal representation.



I greatly appreciate the advice. Unfortunately, due to renumerative needs, I am lacking finances for a lawyer. However I am working my way towards it. I will be contacting you here sometime before Friday 6/13 in the a.m. hours. In the mean time, is continueing to try and call and request to speak to or pick my child up on a weekly basis viewed as negative in the eyes of the court? I want to continue to show my effort to come see my son, but I don't want it viewed as harrassment towards the mother as that is not my goal.

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