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Mom on parole, police called during argument between family, violation of parole for contact with police. Unknown if report made

Phoenix, AZ |

Friends mom on parole, they had an argument over kicking him out, he called the police when his mom started fighting for the phone. after a minute of struggling and her saying get out of the house and him saying get off me a few times. she had seen the phone was on with the police, she backed off and left the house. leaving her son on the phone,sobbing he told the operator it was just a verbal argument and its not a big deal. Police still showed up, questioned and took names, he again said it was a verbal argument and they contacted his moms cell as well
His mom was incarcerated in Texas for grand larceny and transferd to Arizona for parole.
Will the state press charges even though both people said it was an argument?
Will she go back to jail for the contact of police violation of parole?

he is really worried about it as it was just an argument that got out of hand. He also mentioned that he didn't sign any paperwork for a report did they make one anyways? There was no arrest and he is not sure if its parole or probation that she is on

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If her parole agreement required her to notify the parole officer about contact with the police, that is what she should do. If the parole officer finds out about it some other way, it will be much worse.

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