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Mom in treatment for eating disorder,doing better. Moms parents help with kids. kids 5y and 3y.Can Dad get custody/ER custody?

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Kids r stable&safe,normal routine.Visit Mom or Mom OK for outings/overnight when her&kid time.Ex's Dad sex offender.Dad treated victim&destroyed pics.Dad doesn't see problem with his dad&kids but says he'll watch them.Went to children center site and saw some of kids behavior changes listed.Dad take 5y to school 1 day/wk but not involved in school.He never met 3y teacher who comes to house 1 day/wk.Mom was taking a lot of pain meds when married.Was told he would get kids.She left and got healthy,lived w/parents 2 1/2 yrs. went to school,church but Dad made her doing most of driving/stress and Dad quit job.Now he wants to put kids in new school and custody. Dad said "Dads only want the kids cuz the Moms do". Treatment can last upto 6mos and has high success rate. Help protect kids !

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I'm afraid your writing style makes it a bit difficult to understand what is going on. If you've received a petition or motion from the court, you need to consult with an attorney in private. No one will be able to say anything over the internet, based only on the limited (and confusing) information here, that will solve everything for you.

I will tell you this: "Emergency" or "immediate danger" petitions for custody are fairly hard to win, even though (or, perhaps, because) they're filed often. It is very common for parents in child custody cases to believe that their co-parents are evil, malicious, and dangerous, and courts are very reluctant to radically alter a child's life and schedule. So the courts demand that parents advance some pretty strong evidence to support any claim that the other parent is a danger to the children.

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