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Mom died. Sister Health Care Proxy. Mom died in 10 days in her care giving IV meds. Sister refused blood tests. What do I do?

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Sister came in from out of state 20 yrs. Had Mom turn Will to reflect her name only on everything including double house, bank accts, jewelry, etc. She was also Health Care Proxy and took care of Mom when released from Hospital. Sister is very vindictive against me because I am honest and very protective of me talking to Mom alone. Mom refused Medication so sister called Hospice to make all medications in IV form and shot it thru her IV. My Mom was dead in 10 days. Hospice wanted to take Blood Tests for final reading. I was present and told Hospice 3x to take blood tests. Sister REFUSED. She has final say since she is Health Care Proxy and RN. Mom was fine when she first came home.Sister complained losing $ taking care of Mom. Police refuse to invest. Mom cremated. What do I do now?

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Mom was cremated so evidence is gone.Police didnt help. Im afraid nothing you can do. Perhaps because she was in Hospice nothing could have been done for her and she died without experiencing anymore pain.

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Sorry for your loss. Move on with your life. Hospice is end of life situation.

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As answered in your similar post, "You can, as my colleague suggests, hire counsel to help you seek vengeance on your sister. Your attorney may advise re-contacting the police or filing a lawsuit. Discuss what the costs of the lawsuit might be and how long it would last." It does appear, however, that all evidence may be gone.

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Probably not much, but contact one of the lawyers above to discuss in detail.

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