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Mold in rented apartment.

Adelphi, MD |

I have mold in my home. I have contacted my landlord a few times to report it. My apartment has been flooded about 3 times by the person who lives above me. I reported the flood and no one ever came out to see what was happening. They got a new staff of maintenance workers and I called the office again..this time. They came out and painted over it telling me it was just rust. It grew right through the paint and it's back. Now the mold is possibly running through my vent system as I have central air and this so called rust is covering all of my vents. Lately I have been getting sicker than usual. Chest pains,resp. infections, and I went to the doctor and he asked me a few questions..."mold in your home?" I don't have the money to move and I need them to fix it as I am afraid for my health.

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One thing is to contact an attorney and have the attorney contact management for you. Sometimes a call or a letter from an attorney does wonders.

Mold may breach the warranty of habitability which every tenant is entitled to. Because of it, you may withhold rent until it is fixed. You may leave and try to find a place that is equally affordable.

It also sounds that you have already suffered some medical damage from it so you may have a personal injury claim against management.

I would encourage you to contact an attorney. Free consultations are available.

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