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Modify Back Child Support Arrears?

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Here is my issue,
I went to court without a attorney (at the last minute she asked for payment in full and voided the monthly arrangement we agreed to) so i was not prepared for the worst. We had a trial in Oct of last year and the mother and her attorney submitted false child support payment receipt. The reason i know this is because there is no actual payment on any of her bank statements and if there is its not the amount they told the court (i noticed this after the trial). I tried already to submit a appeal but it was denied. Can i do anything in this matter? Thank you for any advise or suggestions in advance!

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Are you trying to modify the arrears (money owed) because you think the depository has not reconciled payments correctly? If so, then it's a Motion to Correct Arrears.

If, however, you are saying the child support amount awarded each month was incorrectly calculated, then it would be a Supplemental Petition to modify Child Support.

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Many years ago on one day, the clerk of the court gave me three different calculations of a child support arrearage, right there in Orange County. You need to get an attorney on your side.

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