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Mobile home in riverside county, CA is on county secured property tax roles. is it personal or real property for probate?

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In most states mobile homes are personal property unless they are 'affixed' to land, and while the listing of it on the property tax roles implies that may have happened, I would suggest you should provide a local attorney with all the paperwork to be sure you have taken everything into consideration here as there may be an important detail that would change that analysis, or something unique about the way the county handles things.


Your mobilehome, situated in a mobilehome park in Riverside County, CA will be considered personal property for probate if you are in a rental mobilehome park and you pay monthly rent for the space under the mobilehome.

In the unlikely event that you live in a mobilehome subdivision, and you own both the real property lot under your mobilehome, as well as the mobilehome, then your mobilehome and real property lot would be considered real property for probate purposes.

Mobilehomes are considered personal property even if they are on the real property tax rolls.
All mobilehomes first sold after July 1980 are on the real property tax rolls in California. If your mobilehome was first sold prior to July 1980, it may have previously been on what is called the "in lieu" tax roll payable to the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). If the taxes ever became delinquent, or a previous owner elected to put the home on the local county property tax rolls to avoid having to pay sales tax on the value of the home at time of sale, then the home would have been transferred to the real property tax rolls forever. Mobilehomes that are on the county secured property tax rolls can never go back to HCD in lieu taxes.

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Title is transferred as a vehicle and forms are filled out with the State of California.