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MO state child support laws, does child support end when child goes to college, turns 18 years

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When does child support stop in the state of MO. ? If the Child goes on to collage how does child support work in the state of MO. does he contiue to pay child support or just half of the collage.

We are being sued by my wifes x-husband for back child support since his daughter turned 21 but is still in college. This December 6, 2009 she will be 23 years of age. By law are we required to pay my wife's x-husband child support money back to him, even though our child is still in college with a B average grade. Plus she is wanting to get her masters in education but because she also declared her major late she had to take aditional classes and (1) additional year. Is he still required to pay child support for as long as she is in college, or when does it end, and after how many years?

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That depends. Usually child support ends at 18 (or when the child dies, marries, or becomes otherwise emancipated), but certain states like MO also have provisions for continued support into early college. Check the terms of your Judgment to see what the obligation is exactly, and seek the advice of an attorney in your area if it's unclear. Good luck to you!


Contact your local office of the Missouri Family Support Division at 1-800-859-7999. I agree with the prior answer that tells you to look at your court order for support. It should clearly define a termination of support provision.