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Missing my approval notice of I-130. When is my priority date? What should I do?

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Hello, I'm sure that mail carrier lost the approval notice of I-130. I got an email from uscis that says they sent it out 10/18/2010, but never be able to get it even though my address was updated. So, we went to the immigration office and the officer told me to file I-824 just to get a copy costing me $400! for the mail carrier's mistake. I'm so afraid if they lose it again. I don't know my priority date and what was the next step to do. My husband is a GC holder, applying for citizenship 2nd time now. I-130 was received by uscis on 10/12/2009. Is this my priority date? Do I really need to get the approval letter to apply for GC? If so, is I-824 right form to get a copy? I can't afford to hire an attorney. Please help.

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Unfortunately, the immigration service won't take responsibility for lost mail. You will need to file the I-824. The priority date should be the date the I-130 was received. Yes, it is possible that is 10/12/2009. There are free, non-profit, attorneys for people without the funds to hire a private attorney. -- -- Senior Legal Counsel -- Capriotti International Law -- Legal disclaimer: This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. Contact the American Immigration Lawyers Association for a referral to an experienced immigration attorney.


The priority date is the date of filing of the I-130.

You will need the approval notice if the person petitioned will be filing an I-485. You will not needed if the person petitioned will process at a US Embassy/Consulate abroad.

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